Young ophthalmologists group main aim is to contribute to ophthalmologists who are in the first years of their greatest professional career, in every aspect. Our Objectives are:

  • To facilitate collective studies between young ophthalmologists in Turkey
  • To provide information cloud and public power for young ophthalmologists to take an active administrative and scientific role in various national and international organizations, hence to contribute to develop their future careers.
  • To provide guidance on the vocational education and scientific studies at home and abroad during and after ophthalmology profession education  
  • To provide content and sessions for young ophthalmologists in TOA congresses and April courses
  • To encourage young ophthalmologists to form collaborative formations and communication networks between different European countries
  • To provide a platform for discussions of professional exams such as TOYK, EBO and ICO.  
  • Establishing relations with other countries' national associations and proposing joint scientific and social organizations
  • Providing guidance for young ophthalmologists to work in various clinics in Turkey or in abroad in order to increase their knowledge and experience and to contribute to the information exchange in this field
  • To provide a platform for raising awareness, publicizing voice and debating on the controversial issues relating to young ophthalmologists
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